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If you’re thinking about building relationships and building business, you’ve likely run into the b2b marketing landscape. It’s an industry that’s thriving because of the way relationships are built and built upon. The difference between these two types of marketing is that in b2b relationships your prospects are the people that you already know and trust, while in b2b marketing your prospects are the people you’ve never met before.

In this world of building relationships, its important that you are able to build these relationships at all times. This is because your business is in your relationships. If youre worried about building a relationship with a potential customer, you should also be worried about building these relationships with potential customers.

The problem with building relationships is that you have to establish them with every single person you ever want to call (or email or text) because you have to be able to talk to them consistently. This is what a lot of our customers find very difficult. It also can be very difficult to meet with someone for the first time. So in our world of relationship marketing we focus on building relationships with prospects, not customers. You can see how this works in the two trailers below.

The first one is a video on how to find your ideal clients online. The second trailer is about the ways we can create a relationship with someone, whether they know you personally or not.

I think the biggest challenge for marketers is how to build a relationship with someone over time, because the first time I met with a prospect, it was because a client told me about a friend they thought I could help her with. I got her number in a couple of weeks. After that, the only way I can build relationships with prospects is by following up with them, which I do every six months. That’s the only way you can truly build relationships with people.

This is why so many B2B marketers are doing just as much social media as they ever have. With the exception of the last few years, most companies have been content producers and marketers. It’s a great way to do business. For example, while I can’t speak for every B2B company I’ve worked for, I can speak for about half of them. The other half are all about the content.

I am a big believer that we should be giving our customers what they want. That includes things they can actually use and enjoy or are able to give to their employees too. It doesnt mean that you cant use B2B marketing as a means to get things you want, but you should also know when to stop if you have an idea that is not working. A huge part of this is your own ability to decide when to stop doing something.

Sure you can always do what is comfortable for you and do what your customers want. But then again, that is a very human thing. We all have different ways of seeing things. To each his own.

The problem is when the most successful people in your company have an agenda. Which is to get the most money out of you. Because when that job is the most profitable, you will naturally do what it is profitable for you to do, which is to do what is profitable for them. What is not profitable for you is not profitable for them.

You know what’s not profitable for you? Your own personal life. When you’re an entrepreneur the “normal” thing to do is just keep your personal life as it is. Which is to say that if you want your business to grow, you have to go to work every day and work toward the goals of your business.


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