This is a blog post about the reality of life. It talks about how difficult it can be and what people go through in order to get by each day. It also discusses the perspective that those who are blessed should feel guilty for their good fortune and give back to those less fortunate. Keyword: Reality, Perspective, Blessings Content Length: 55 words The phrase “blessed are the merciful” is a powerful reminder that we should not take for granted what others may not have. When someone has been through hardship and yet still has an optimistic outlook on life, it brings to mind how grateful they must feel about their blessings. I am blessed with so much in my life but sometimes when I’m feeling low, I forget all of those things because there’s always something or other going wrong. It can be difficult to see past our own struggles at times but being able to do this makes you realize just how fortunate you really are. Doing something as simple as making food for someone who needs it could make them smile which then will


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