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It’s not always easy to find the perfect cake for your next birthday party. After all, there are so many flavors and styles of cakes out there that it can be difficult to narrow down what you want. But don’t worry! We’re here with some helpful tips on how to decorate a cake in five simple steps. Nobody likes you when you’re 23 – blink 182 Step One: Make sure the cake is cooled and level. Any kind of decoration on a slanted or uneven cake will look off balance, so make sure that you allow it to cool before decorating. You can also get an even top by placing baking paper over your iced cake and leveling out with the back of a teaspoon once cooler (though this isn’t really necessary). A Step-by-Step Guide to Cake Decorating – nobody likes you when you’re 23 blink 182 #cakedecoration #birthdaypartyideas — Cakes Jars & More (@CakeJarsAndMore) April 24, 2017 Step


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