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If you’ve ever had a gas can that lost pressure, then you might have wondered why. There are many reasons why this happens. I’ll detail 10 of the most common ones below: -The seal on the can could be worn down and not sealing properly anymore -The valve is letting air escape when it’s being closed -There could be some sort of puncture or leak in the hose or nozzle end of the can -The gas itself may have gone bad -There could be a small leak in one of the hose fittings, or on an O-ring somewhere. -Some cans are made to vent air when they’re closed and you might not realize this is happening due to lack of education -You might not be using enough pressure while filling up your tank, causing some of it to escape from around the seal as you close it -If there’s too much liquid at the top then that weight will cause pressure loss as well (some cans need extra headroom) -Sometimes just shaking a can before opening it can help reduce any leaks by redistributing fuel inside so that no single part has too much strain put


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