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The ‘#’ symbol is used to create a block comment in code. The comment will start at the line that follows it and end with either an indented closing comment, or a newline. The ‘//’ symbol will start a single line comment that ends with the newline. The difference between them is in what part of the code they apply to: a block comment acts like /* */ , while a single-line comment does not need to be indented at all. Next sentence, please! For example, this is how you would write comments in HTML: This can also go on for more than one paragraph if necessary; just indent each subsequent level by four spaces or an additional tab character (the default settings). This looks like so: Do not forget to include your closing tags when needed! Finally, make sure there are no formatting errors such as missing semicolons and brackets. A block comment should start with ‘//’ and end at the newline. For example, this is how you would write comments in HTML: Next sentence? Yes please 🙂 The last thing we need to do before publishing our blog post is run it through a spell checker. How about that! Let’s learn why next.. *Footnote text here* **End of footnote


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