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Bloodborne is a game that can be daunting to new players. One common question on the minds of many newcomers is “what do I do now?” After you have defeated Blood-starved Beast, there are many different paths in Old Yharnam that will lead you towards your next goal. In this article we will list some of these locations and provide tips for each one! – First, when you defeat Blood-starved Beast and head to the Forbidden Woods – follow your nose. There are a few good items along the way (namely some Bone Marrow Ash) that will make things much easier for later. – Second, when you head to the Forbidden Woods – if you want some more information on what’s waiting for you in these woods, there are two people standing outside that can help. One will give a warning and one will tell of the danger inside. They both have good advice but it is up to your discretion which one(s) to listen to. – Third, after arriving at Byrgenwerth Academy: be sure not to miss anything around this area! There are plenty of items that may seem out of place or too difficult right now (such as Caryll Runes), but will come in handy later so don’t forget about them! Again, Bloodborne is very much an experience driven game; take time exploring


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