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The best games for beginners are the ones that have a gentle learning curve. They can be played with little to no instruction and allow players to get the hang of the game before they face any real challenge. For this reason, we’ve picked out our top 5 favorite beaten games for new players. 1) Bloodborne: This action-packed RPG has an easy introduction and is very accessible to newcomers that might not know anything about video games in general. It also offers up some of the most rewarding gameplay experiences when you start getting into it! 2) Super Mario Odyssey: Nintendo’s latest adventure is one that will take anyone who picks it up on a grand journey through various kingdoms around the world – all without any complicated tutorials or instructions. Do not write numbers, bullet points, or italicized text in the following spaces: – Inline content (e.g., images) – Long form content (e.g., blog posts) – Images and long form items should be spread throughout to break up sections of inline content. This is a slideshow with captions that will eventually have links – instead of bullets! The first sentence starts below and has been written in regular font so you know what kind of style it’s going for!)


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