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The first time I heard the song “You’re Pretty When I’m Drunk,” it was on an episode of The Simpsons. Ever since then, it’s been stuck in my head as one of my favorite songs. In this blog post, we discuss the lyrics and how they can be applied to modern day relationships. * “You’re so cool when I’m drunk, you know that’s the truth.” Drunk people are generally seen as more open to conversation and connection. Some may say they have a higher emotional intelligence is because of this openness when inebriated. These qualities are attractive for many reasons; one being at least someone can get through to them if necessary. * “I love your touch just like everybody does” This line speaks about how alcohol has an effect on sexual arousal, which applies not only within the context of relationships but also with other aspects such as friendships or professional connections too. People tend to be less inhibited around others who drink heavily due to alcohol’s effects on libido levels and hormones (elevating testosterone)


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