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You’re probably wondering what a swimming stroke has to do with your personal life. Well, it turns out that each of the 12 swimming strokes can be used for different reasons such as which one is right for you! The first thing you need to know is how far are you willing to go in the water? Are you interested in being able to swim across the pool or just enjoy leisurely laps back and forth? The first swimming stroke you need to familiarize yourself with is the crawl. This one is for those who are interested in making it across the pool or other long distances out into open water. For this stroke, your hand should be tucked under yours and then your arm will bring both of them forward until they’re stretched out again as well as rotating over each other so that when your right hand moves up behind your back, the left-hand has moved down front. When you get closer to a wall though, all you have to do is start kicking backwards which makes getting close enough easier! Now if you want something more relaxing and easy going than being fully submerged all of the time, try breaststroke! The only difference between this


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