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Ever since Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was announced, people have been speculating about where in the timeline it will take place. Will it be a prequel to Castlevania? A sequel? Or something else entirely? Well, I’m here to tell you that Bloodstained is not your average Castlevania game. It’s actually set after Inverted! So now that we know when this game takes place, let’s explore some potential locations from which Miriam can travel to next! * The Castle Keepsake – This is the place where Miriam first woke up and met Alfred. After all of her gear had been stolen, she managed to steal one item from this area: a magical orb that allowed for travel between worlds. So what if you were able to explore another world? That would be pretty neat! * A New World – What about exploring an entirely new land with plenty of fresh-faced nightmarish creatures waiting to ambush our protagonist? This would give us something different than the usual spooky castle setting we’re used to in Castlevania games. I’m sure it will still have some castles though because who doesn’t love castles?! No wait, don’t answer that.. *


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