“Bloom where you are planted” is a phrase that has been around for many years. But how does it apply to the LDS church? A member of the Church of Jesus Christ, The Latter Day Saints, might say “I am an LDS”. This means they belong to this faith and religion. They have chosen to be part of something bigger than themselves. As such, there are certain qualities they must possess in order to “bloom.” These include: patience, obedience, love for all people and self-reliance among others. The most important quality is obedience. It takes humility to obey the commandments of God, as well as patience in order to work through all that life throws at us and self-reliance when we cannot rely on others. There are many hardships in this world- from hunger or poverty to war and natural disasters. Yet, it is our duty to “be an example”. We can do so by being obedient with a smile on our face, offering words of encouragement and not complaining because there will always be someone who has it worse than you. As for those difficult times when people don’t follow your lead – just remember the power that comes when one does their best every day no matter what circumstances they’re faced with.”Bloom where


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