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What if you were told that it’s not a good idea to move because your future is somewhere else? What would you do? Do you have the bravery to let go of what was in order for something new, better, and exciting to grow right where you already are? This is what this sign says. This sign reads “Bloom where You Are Planted.” It is a human sign with three people holding up signs that say “Bloom,” “Where,” and “You.” The background of the picture has plants growing all around it. The meaning of this sign is to not move because your future may be somewhere else, but what if it’s right where you are. This quote has been passed down through generations and the author isn’t known for sure. It can also mean that people should stop worrying about their lives or how they will turn out in the future and just enjoy themselves while they’re here. There are many interpretations of “Bloom where You Are Planted.” The most common one would probably say that no matter who you are, there is someone waiting for you to bloom among them. That even though our paths take different turns at times, we all have a purpose which might lead us back around to each other again someday soon on the same path as before


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