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If your blower motor is running when the car is turned off, then you may have a shorted blower resistor. This article will give you information on diagnosing and repairing this problem so that it doesn’t happen again! Blower Motor: Why it’s Important The blower motor is an important part of your car. It brings air in from outside the vehicle and distributes it inside to keep you cool (or warm). When the blower stops working, then either side of your car will get really hot or cold. One thing that can cause this problem is a shorted out resistor which we’ll go over next! Diagnosing Blown Fuse for Resistor Problem on Honda Accord 92-97 Models – YouTube Video Link Here! To diagnose if blowing a fuse has caused your blower motor to stop running when the engine is turned off, try checking for fuses first by following these steps: check under hood


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