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The girl is a reflection of you, and your long journey at the end. When she dances in illusions, she can be anyone. In this game, it’s up to you to decide who she will be– but that choice comes with consequences.. – “She” is powered by illusion magic from her device called an Astral Dresser: A magical dresser which allows her to change into a different person or appearance after inserting memories (represented as crystals) into slots on the side of the mirror. The purpose for doing so is unknown until later in the story. – She acquires new skills based on how much dancing experience points are accumulated through various actions such as defeating enemies and obtaining items around town while wearing certain costumes. – The game features a life simulation system with branching choices, and is told through exploration of Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School where the player will meet various students who can join her in battle– all depending on what she decides to do. – She has an active social media feed that shows how other people are playing as their version of her character, which you can view by completing side quests or interacting with certain NPCs around town. The girl is a


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