garbage can, fun, saying @ Pixabay

There is a story of one man and his blue trash can that has been going around the internet for years. The gist of it goes like this: The man walks to work each day, carrying with him a blue plastic trash can. He sets it down on the sidewalk outside his office every morning before he heads in for the day. As he leaves at the end of the day, he picks up his trashcan and takes it home with him again, bringing it back out to put on display once more when he returns in the morning. One day while walking by this same scene, an onlooker asks what’s inside. “It’s just paper,” replies our protagonist as they walk past without looking back. A few hours later, the man is walking to work with his blue trash can in tow. He reaches for it and instead of grabbing hold he falls over backwards! His eyes roll up into the back of his head as a momentary seizure overtakes him before he slumps to the ground unconscious. He wakes up with paramedics all around him asking if he knows what day it is. “It’s Tuesday,” replies our hero confidently after clearing away some cobwebs from his mind and trying out each limb one by one confirming that they are fully functional. After sitting there perplexed at this response, an onlooker walks past saying “the world has changed.” “I’m sorry?” says our friend still lying on the sidewalk clutching onto his paper-filled


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