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Blue is a puppy who lives in the house on Blue’s Clues, and she has an active imagination. One day, she asks us to help her figure out what she saw that morning while waiting for Steve outside. We need your help solving this mystery! I saw a blue car. I saw a red house. What did Blue see? I can’t wait to find out what you think! Mariel, age 11. If your child is not yet able to read or write, we recommend using an online reading and writing app such as ChatterPix Kids (free version) so they can still participate in the fun of blogging with their siblings! Check it out at chatterpixkids.com/en/. You could also assign them tasks like drawing pictures for blog posts or finding music that goes along with the post’s theme on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Keep in mind these are just suggestions – there are many possibilities when it comes to


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