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Blue is looking for her favorite picture book, but she can’t find it anywhere. She asks us if we have seen it before and where she might be able to look next. As soon as we ask blue a couple of questions about the type of picture book that she’s looking for, our search engine will help you find what you’re looking for! “What do you want to do with your picture?” blue: “I want to read my favorite story.” “What kind of book is your favorite story in?” blue: “It’s a picture book.” This blog post will help you find the type of books that blue is looking for! Follow these steps to search for a specific genre. The first step is to select what type of category or topic your desired item would be filed under, such as Fiction or Nonfiction. After selecting this option, click on the arrow pointing down and then select from one of our options listed below. To keep searching through our database, choose “More Results”. If we don’t have any records matching up with your needs, try using broad keywords like ‘picture’ or ‘kids’. You can also use other resources like Amazon to look around


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