In the TV show Blue’s Clues, there are a variety of clues that lead viewers to figure out what Blue wants. There is one clue in particular that stands out: “What does Blue want to make?” The answer is never revealed on screen and it has been a topic of speculation for many years. Some people theorize that it could be an apple pie or toast, but others think it might just be about playing with some toys. This blog post will explore what your customers may want from you and how you can deliver those things without them ever having to ask! All you have to do is ask your customers the right questions and listen. The answers will be revealed! *Include a list of things that blue wants to make: -apple pie -toast -toys etc. Blogs are an important marketing tool for businesses as they provide large amounts of information about what’s happening with their company, while also connecting them with potential customers. This blog post has been designed to give some insight on how by asking customer just one question, “What does Blue want to make?” you can discover all sorts of needs from your audience–and use that knowledge in effective ways. Whether it’s creating new products or services, improving current ones, providing better


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