What does Blue want to make out of recycled things? Well, this is a question that you may be wondering and it’s also the title of a children’s book by Tara Luebbe. The story follows Blue as he goes on an adventure to find what he should do with all the recycled materials he has collected. Along the way, he meets different animals who have their own ideas about what blue should create from his recycled materials. In the end, blue finds out that there are many ways to reuse old items! The keyword “blue” would appear twice in this opening paragraph. The keyword “children’s” would appear once. Most of the keywords are present in the first sentence, but not all. This is a good time to start filling out content with more words and phrases that you know your target customer will be searching for when they visit your website or blog post. It can help make sure people find what they’re looking for on your site! SEO Keyword Analysis: What Does Blue Want To Make Out Of Recycled Things? (Tara Luebbe) – Children’s Book


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