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If you’re a fan of the show Blue’s Clues, then you know that one of the most popular games is “Blue’s Clues.” In this blog post, we will be talking about how to play this game. We also have some other fun activities for kids who want to learn more about their favorite TV show! It’s a fun game for kids, and it is easy to learn. You simply follow these steps: clear the floor so that no objects are on it, pick up one or two items from around your room (a pencil and a block would work great), place them somewhere in front of you, close your eyes while counting to three quietly inside our heads, then open our eyes and see where they’re at! The first player who finds an item gets to be “Blue” – he has the clues to help solve some puzzles! The second person becomes his assistant “Magenta.” If there are only two people playing this board game together, they can decide which role each person will take. Other players become detectives trying to find


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