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Ever watched the Blue’s Clues show and wondered what exactly is going on in that dog’s head? Well, we finally figured it out. This article will give you a closer look into all of the things that happen to her from morning until night time. Keyword: blue’s clues what is blue trying to do, Keyword: blues clues whats going on in that dog’s head as of 18-06-2017 12:59 pm EDT. Blue’s Clues Season 17 Episode 36 “What Is Blue Trying To Do?” aired on November 16th 2017. It has been viewed times since airing. If you have missed it and would like to know the answer, please watch it here! Additionally this episode also includes a song called ‘I’m Sad’ sung by Steve who shares his feeling with Blue when she won’t stop crying after losing her ball at the park.. I don’t want people being sad anymore so I wrote about how they could make themselves happy again.”Blue’s Clues What Is Blues


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