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Auditory memory is one of the strongest memories that we have. It’s a lot easier to remember what someone said, rather than what they wrote or drew. This is because auditory memory has a stronger emotional connection with us than other types of memories do. For this reason, it can be an effective tool for team learning as well! How to use it: Auditory memory can be used in two ways. The first is simple–to record a voice message of important information for your team members and send them the link so they can listen to it whenever necessary. This could be anything from an email template, instructions on how to work equipment at the office, or even a grocery list! The second way you might want to use auditory memory is by adding vocal sound effects during presentations when appropriate. For example, if you’re giving directions on how to get somewhere then someone might say “turn left” as opposed to simply drawing arrows with their presenter pen.” – A blue clue sounds like this (literally): Doo doo duh dee da-


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