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It’s not every day that you hear a successful career and health tips from someone who is dying of cancer. But Bob Beckel has some great advice for living a long life, including his personal story. He shares the 11 steps he took to make himself healthier and happier while also building his career as an actor, comedian, politician, commentator and author. He also shares the top ten health tips that helped him to live a more fulfilling life. If you’re looking for some advice on how to live your best possible life, this is one blog post worth reading! The 11 Tips Bob Beckel Used To Live A Long Life: * Eat healthy food (mostly) * Exercise regularly and not too hard; get enough sleep; drink water * Keep track of what’s happening in the world around you — but don’t obsess about it or stay on social media all day long * Find something to give back, volunteer at an organization near where you live or work, help out with projects by friends and family, support charities through giving time or money * Remember that humor


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