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bob is a writer, coach, and speaker who is also a certified coach and life coach. His work explores the power of story and how it creates impactful change. He is the author of the best-selling book “The Business of Story” and his newest book is “The Business of Love.

bob’s website is www.bobfrommarketing.

bob’s website is, where he posts his latest videos on marketing, business development, and entrepreneurship.

bob can be reached at: [email protected]

If you’re looking for a new video to watch, I’d suggest you check out bob from marketing.bobs.

bob from marketing is a marketing coach who has written a book on storytelling that was published by Simon & Schuster and has become an international bestseller. He’s also the author of the best-selling book The Business of Story, and his newest book is The Business of Love, which is about how to be effective in relationships and how to be the best version of yourself.bobs website is www.bobfrommarketing.

I’m not much of a fan of marketing books. They’re written for marketers and often have a lot of jargon that I don’t understand. But I think this guy is a great storyteller and great marketing coach. I liked his new book because it’s not just about selling, but about how to love yourself and be in love with yourself.

I loved the book, but he talks about marketing in general. I was also thinking this book is a great thing to have to read for people who are working in marketing, because its not about selling, its about helping people get to know who they are and how they can be successful in their own business.

I love marketing and I think Marketing is one of the most unique skills and jobs out there. It’s a field that’s not taught in school, but has great people who are always learning and growing. Marketing is about making money, as well as selling, but I think the key is not just to make money, but to enjoy it.

One of the best things about marketing is how its fun. From a business perspective, it can be tedious, as its not about selling, but instead about connecting with people and helping them achieve their goals.


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