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If you think that love is just a game, then it’s time for you to listen up. Bobby Caldwell has some valuable lessons about the power of love in this song. He sings that he would do anything for his lover, even if it means giving up his life. This is an emotional song with deep meaning and profound lyrics that will have you feeling all sorts of emotions as soon as you hear them. Keywords: love song lyrics, bobby caldwell what you won t do for love, Overview: This is an emotional pop-rock tune that is a refreshing change from the typical radio fare. Bobby Caldwell sings about how he would give up his life in order to have this one person by his side at all times. The music of this song is subdued and builds on its intensity as it moves along. It has deep meaning with thoughtful lyrics – stop listening if your emotions are easily affected! Whether or not you can relate to these thoughts might depend on whether or not you’ve ever felt like giving up everything just so someone else will be happy (or even happier). But make no mistake – there’s plenty of emotion


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