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We all have our limits when it comes to love. Some people are willing to do whatever it takes, while others draw the line at a certain point. This list of “Ten Things You Won’t Do for Love” includes some common restrictions that many people have and offers an inside look into what they are thinking and feeling during those moments. -I won’t stay in a marriage for the sake of our kids. We will love them enough to create an environment where they can grow into confident people who know how to be happy on their own and don’t need us around because we were too afraid to let go. – I won’t put up with your bad behavior just so you’ll spend more time at home or stop cheating on me. If that’s what it takes, then I’m not sure there was anything worth saving anyway – but if you’re willing to change, then maybe there is something left here after all! There are many “Ten Things You Won’t Do” lists out there with different content; this list includes things that some might


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