Bobby Womack is one of the most underrated and under-recognized singer/songwriters of all time. He was a member of The Valentinos, backing up Sam Cooke, before he went solo in 1960s. His first hit single as a solo artist was “It’s All Over Now,” which reached number five on the pop charts in 1964. For more than two decades Bobby Womack has been releasing some excellent music that hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. Keywords to include: bobby womack, nobody wants you when you’re down and out Additional content: Here are three overlooked songs by Bobby Womack: -“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” It became his biggest international success outside America after being covered by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye. -“Harry Hippie.” It was written as a tribute to his friend, singer Harry Nilsson. The song is about the hippie movement of the 60s that Bobby Womack embraced in order to get out from under poverty and addiction. – “I Can’t Get Next To You.” He wrote this one for himself but Motown took it off the shelf after hearing how well he sang their demo version. He also had success with two albums on a major label: 1973’s Across 110th Street and 1975’s Lookin’ For A Love Again (also known as Mamas Gun). Bobby Womack has been anointed by many artists over the years including Prince who recorded


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