boethiah’s calling who to sacrifice,

The poem boethiah’s calling who to sacrifice; a poem is about the dark lord calling upon his followers to make a contribution of some kind. It could be in the form of blood, death, or even time. The first line sets up the reader for what they can expect from this piece: “boethiah calls and I answer.” This creates an image that is hard to shake off–the idea of someone answering back when called by someone else. The poem is in a form that mixes free verse and prose. The lines are long, but the words themselves don’t seem to be chosen for rhyming purposes. This creates an air of being vulnerable, which could be done on purpose by using this style of writing instead of one with more definite rhythms that create a sense of protection and stability. The author doesn’t mention boethiah’s name until halfway through the piece–he uses it as if it were something not-so-commonly known or said out loud: “I answer back when he calls me.” In contrast, there’s plenty about what his followers can do–“bring blood,” “offer death,” etc.–but you’ll need to read past the first few lines

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