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Bombard is a body language expert. She is an international speaker, author and consultant in the area of nonverbal communication. Learn more about her, and what some of her most common cues are below! The first question that bombard is often asked when she meets a new person, or travels to speak at a conference for the first time is, “What are your qualifications?” Bombshells answer with great pride and enthusiasm: Bombard’s body language expert. She has been in this field since 1987. Most people can’t believe it until they’ve seen her on stage performing live demonstrations of how nonverbal cues communicate feeling and intention to others – usually without us knowing! They also ask themselves what qualifies someone as an international speaker? Or author? And then comes the most common compliment from audience members who have witnessed these presentations firsthand: “You’re amazing!” When meet bombard you will notice that their eyebrows furrowed together in deep


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