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“You can’t go home again.” Is this the case in life, or is it just a common phrase? The answer may surprise you. This blog post will explore the idea of “going home,” and how we find ourselves doing so more times than we might think. The term “home” can take on a variety of meanings, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what the speaker means when they use the word. This post will explore three different definitions that come up often in our lives: physical home-place; geographic place where one was born or raised; emotional attachment to a person, idea, or place. Physical Home-Place As we age into adulthood without having children ourselves, we may be fortunate enough to have parents who live out their days in nearby proximity with us. We look forward to visits from them as opportunities for rest and rejuvenation – even if all there is time for is some basic conversation over coffee while sitting next door at Grandma & Grampa’s house! Though


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