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Do you remember the music video for Bon Jovi’s “You Can’t Go Home Again”? It tells the story of a guy who gets left by his woman and goes down a spiral of depression. He starts drinking heavily, he starts to lose weight, but then he meets this girl at a bar and she falls in love with him. They live happily ever after until she leaves him too. The lyrics are catchy, but they also have an important message about never giving up on yourself or your dreams! Every person on this planet has dreams and goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner, or the President of the United States – every single one of us needs to have some kind of dream we want to achieve in life. Why not your own? And why not now? There will be times when people tell you that it’s just not possible for you because __, but don’t listen! They may be trying to discourage you from chasing your dreams so they can keep living their mediocre lives without feeling guilty about what they didn’t do with their life. But nothing is more important than giving yourself permission to chase after what makes your heart sing (even if it sounds like Bon Jovi). Someday


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