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Bones are their money. Fossils of ancient animals have been discovered in many countries around the world and some of these bones date back as far as 300 million years ago. Some people may think that old fossils like this aren’t worth anything, but they couldn’t be more wrong! You see, not only do fossilized animal bones tell us about our past, they also can help us to find new drugs for today’s diseases. Once a fossil has been found, scientists and researchers can use it to understand more about the animal that was preserved in its skeleton. In this way, we are able to learn new things about animals from long ago. This is because fossils provide information on how an animal lived (or once walked) or what they ate – all of which helps us better understand evolution as well as our own origins! Fossils also have value for medicine today: As I mentioned before, bones tell us where disease started and how it progressed over time; so by looking at them carefully, you might see something that others would not notice right away. Bones may be old but they’re still valuable and important! At first glance however these bones look like


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