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BOO! I’m just playing around with words, but you may be wondering who I am. Well, my name is Billy and this blog post will tell you all about me and what it’s like to work for a company that specializes in ghost writing services. Ghost writing is a type of ghosting. Ghost writing involves working with people to create written content for them so they can publish it under their own name. The person who does the ghostwriting doesn’t want anyone to know he or she wrote the book and will provide strict instructions about how you might be acknowledged in future editions, if at all! One major difference between ghostwriting and other types of ghosting is that when doing an autobiography, one may have contact with family members or close friends in order to get accurate autobiographical details for publication. However, with a corporate client who wants his employees’ names on articles but not his own name (to say nothing of high profile politicians), this process would never happen because these clients are absolutely determined


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