The boohbah is an amazing animal that can do many things. They are called the boobah because their name has a double letter o, and they live in the jungle. Boobahs have three eyes, two mouths, and four ears. Boobahs also have six arms and five legs to help them get around so easily! The boohbah can do many things because they have six arms and five legs. They also have three eyes, two mouths, and four ears to help them see better! Boobahs live in the jungle where it is hot all year round so that helps with their camouflage. Boobahs are a very clever animal that always tricks other animals into giving up their food or eggs for just one task – usually this involves being scared of something silly like a banana peel on the ground when there actually isn’t anything there at all! But not every “trick” works out as planned sometimes.. You’ll never know what’s coming next from these masters of disguise! Don’t forget about your boohbahs today


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