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The Reddit user r/changemyview has created a list of books that they believe will change your life. They compiled this list based on their own personal experience and the experiences of others. This article contains some quotes from this person about what these books have done for them, as well as links to where you can find more information about each book. “I read ‘The Giving Tree’ when I was in second grade and it changed my perspective on giving,” says redditor r/changemyview “It made me realize how much joy one could get out of doing something nice for someone else.” In the words of this Reddit user, “This book will change your life.” r/changemyview is a frequent poster on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything forum and has compiled their favorite books that have changed theirs. In addition to telling about these 12 books in detail, they also offer a list of nine other titles with brief descriptions for someone who may be looking for more reading material. Conclusion: The following are some examples from Reddit’s list of books that will change your life. For those interested in finding out what else redditor r/changemyview had to say about what makes the self-help work so transformative, click here . “The Giving Tree”: One day when I was six years


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