This article is about the song “I Can See Your Corpse from Here” that was released as a free download on April 3rd, 2015. The song is by the band Electric Six and features vocals from John Patrick Lowrie who played Sniper in Team Fortress 2. The song was released on April Fools Day and is a parody of the band’s own genre. The lyrics are about how to kill people in various ways as if it were a guide for Borderlands players. In addition, there are references to popular culture like Breaking Bad and Aliens as well as other things that might appeal to gamers such as Star Wars or Minecraft. There is also an Easter egg at the end of the video where you can find some very spoilerific information about what happens in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel if one looks carefully enough! Key Points: · Song by Electric Six · Released on April Fool’s day · Parody of their own music genre (electro swing) Â


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