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One of the most commonly asked questions about Borderlands 2 is “What do you mean, theoretically?” It’s a question that we have all been asking for years and it has finally been answered. The answer: in-game quests. What is a common unanswered question about Borderlands? Theoretically, what do you mean? It’s an answer that we have all been waiting for and it was finally answered. In-game quests are the answer. One of the most commonly asked questions about Borderlands: What do you mean theoretically? Answer: in-game quests. This has been long awaited, but now it has finally happened with our review for this game! We hope to see more games like these soon so that gamers don’t need to ask “Theoretically?” anymore–there will always be good ones out there! Still want some answers on other aspects of video games particular one very important part: graphics and sound design. Keep using articles by


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