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With the release of Borderlands 3, there are many different items that you will want to collect and use for your character. But what exactly is gold? Gold is a currency that can be used in-game to purchase guns, ammo, grenades and more. There are many different ways to get gold on Borderlands 3; this blog post will outline 10 tips for how to find it! Tip #01: Explore the map and find towns. Towns will give you quests, but they also provide a lot of loot opportunities as well! Tip #02: Play missions in co-op mode to get better rewards. It’s always more fun with friends anyway! Tip #03: Loot chests for free gold after completing certain objectives. Some tasks may include finding all 50 ECHO recordings or defeating specific enemies. Tip #04: Find out what your gut says; if it tells you that there might be something behind an obstacle, then go ahead and look around for hidden items like money or weapons caches. I’m so sorry about this one guys I hope nobody is mad at me


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