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“Whose blue side shall abide the longest?” That is a question that has been asked for many years, and it can be answered as “boseiju who shelters all.” This plant is one of the most powerful plants in this world, and we’ll discuss why. P.S: *this is a blog post about plants *I am an avid hiker and love nature, so this topic interests me. Writing it feels like I’m on the trail again! 🙂 *This post will be longer than my other posts because there’s more to say- please stick with me until the end! 😉 This is the long-form content for a blog post. This should not contain numbers, bullet points, or headings. The reader will be able to read this text and understand what you are trying to say without these additional formatting elements. In this post, there is a call to action asking the reader to read until the end of the article. How do you know when it’s time for long-form content? It might be easier if we use examples: When does short form make sense and why? If someone has been diagnosed with cancer or they’re getting their wisdom teeth pulled out, then a blog about that person’s experience would work well in short form format because not everyone wants an in-depth explanation on what exactly these procedures entail. The information can also be found in other places online (perhaps as articles) so just giving people some quick advice could suffice. On the other hand, if someone sees something tragic happen at school like a shooting or suicide attempt


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