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The perfect outline is the key to a successful presentation. It will help you make your points more succinctly, and keep your audience engaged in what you have to say. This blog post will give you an overview of how to prepare both a preparation outline and a speaking outline. We will also include some tips for creating each one that can be applied no matter what type of presentation it is! Outline for a Presentation Preparation: -What is the point of your speech? -What are its objectives and how can you achieve them? -Identify three main points that will be part of your introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion. What do they mean to convey in what order so that it makes sense? -Decide on an intimate conversational tone or formal academic one – which works better with this topic? Whichever you choose should influence word choice as well as sentence structure. If informal then make sure there’s some balance between complex sentences and short ones; if formal then avoid contractions and idioms, but try not to overuse jargon either! Creating the Outline for Your


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