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Ammonia is the least soluble gas in water. This means that it will dissolve the quickest, and as a result the bubble test for ammonia is much easier to do than one for phosphine. It also has an unpleasant smell so you can tell if there’s any leftover dissolved ammonia in your water! Keywords: Ammonia, Phosphine, Dissolved, Water Skills Used: Expertise in the topic of water chemistry as well as writing skills. Graphic Design Skills Needed: No graphic design skills needed for this post. The Focus is on content and not visual effects or formatting. Video Content Needed: This blog post does not require video content to be completed successfully. It relies primarily on text format with no links or videos necessary, but video can always help if you’re a writer! You could even create a short YouTube tutorial that walks readers through how to do the ammonia test at home! And don’t forget about those awesome Google Doodle animations – they would fit right into your article’s tone too! Just make sure they use words when possible


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