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Some pleasures are better in kind than others, this is a concept that both Bentham and Mill agree on. This blog post will explore the theories of these two philosophers to see how they view pleasure and good. In his work, Utilitarianism, Bentham introduced the maxim “the greatest happiness of the greatest number”. It is in this idea that he argues that when considering an action or decision, a person should ask himself how it will affect everyone involved. This includes those who are already happy and those who would be made happier by the act. If there is more to be gained than lost for all parties then performing the act is morally right. The consequences of each individual’s actions matter only insofar as they contribute to overall utility(happiness). Mill writes about pleasure differently than Bentham but still agrees with him on some points: Mill believes that not all pleasures are created equal and some pleasures can have negative effects such as


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