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Carcinomas are the most common form of cancer, and they occur in many different parts of the body. Skin carcinomas affect skin cells, while lung carcinomas affect lung cells. Carcinoma is a type of cancer that develops from epithelial tissue, which is any tissue that lines surfaces or covers organs. The two main types of carcinomatous growths are papilloma and squamous cell tumors. The difference between skin and lung cancer is that the body will react differently to cancers in these two organs. The type of treatment necessary for a patient with leukemia, another form of carcinoma, will be different from what is needed by someone who has been diagnosed with skin or lung cancer. If you have questions about your diagnosis and prognosis, talk to your doctor. He can help answer any concerns you may have and lay out an individualized plan for treating your disease based on its location in the body.” #endcontent


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