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Pretest loops are a type of loop that is used to test for some condition before the code inside the loop is executed. There are two pretest loops in C++: while and for. The difference between the two is how they iterate through their conditions, what types of values they use, and which statements control when they stop executing. In this blog post we will go over both these pretest loops so you can understand them better. The difference between while and for loops is how they iterate through their conditions. The while loop will execute the code inside the brackets as long as its condition remains true, which means it’s expression evaluates to a non-zero value. When this happens, then the loop continues until either of two things happen: there are no more lines in the block or when what follows (i.e., statements) becomes false – meaning that some other statement causes an invalid state change. On the other hand, with a for loop, once you initialize your counter variable at first time round of iteration and set up all your needed iterations, then every time around after initialization has been executed n times you increase by one on each iteration and eventually reach


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