boxers who retired undefeated,

Boxers who retired undefeated are a rare breed. A boxer’s career is usually defined by losses, draws or wins and they can’t last forever. The few boxers that have managed to retire without losing a fight are an exceptional group of athletes. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most notable boxers who went their entire careers without taking a loss or draw in any fight. Boxers: Rocky Marciano, Sugar Ray Leonard, George Foreman, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Useful Links: Rocky Marciano bio | Wikipedia page for boxers and boxing records | List of undefeated professional boxing champions         Next sentence. Write a number: There are usually three types of boxer’s during their career – those who have lost fights but never retired or been knocked out; those that retire before they lose in order to avoid the risk; and finally there are boxers like Joe Frazier who had up to 30 consecutive losses over his entire career without retiring. Frazier was known as “Smokin’ Joe” because he carried on fighting despite being behind on points against better opponents such as Muhammad Ali until the referee

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