sunset, boy, open arms @ Pixabay

I can’t believe I’ve never looked for this before. But I love it! This is so great, and reminds me of another song that’s similar: “boy who blocked his own shot.” This is the way you should celebrate when your shot gets blocked. You don’t just lay there on the ground, but instead show them that their effort was so futile and that it won’t ever stop you from winning. It’s too bad they’re not confident enough to put in some extra dedication or work and try again (or even better) get a different job where people can shoot at them more often! -Lisa Groux, Founder of Get Blogging Done LLC As you can see in the video, this is a different kind of celebration. There’s no screaming or jumping- up and down on the spot; just a casual hand gesture to show that they did what they were supposed to do: block my shot. I feel like if their job was only to stop people from shooting at them all day long, then maybe he would have more motivation? But for now, it seems like his goal has been achieved because he made sure that I didn’t make mine! To be fair though..he does seem pretty happy about it. In my opinion, when it comes down to winning games (or anything else), everything needs dedication and effort put into it–including blocking shots. It doesn’t


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