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Alex is a 16 year old, living in the United States. Alex was born with male genitalia but doesn’t identify as a man. Alex’s parents are supportive of their child and allowed them to live as they please. This blog post will examine how gender identity affects one individual’s life by using the case study of Alex. The case study of Alex will show the effects that gender identity has on their life. First, a person’s gender identity is what they feel in their heart and mind to be male or female. Some people may not know if they fall into one category or another while others have never had any doubt since being born. Male and female are considered binary genders because they represent two different choices from which an individual can choose. Others may identify as “non-binary.” This means that someone doesn’t want to wear clothing traditionally associated with males or females, but rather clothes considered neutral by society standards (i). For example, some people who don’t identify as either male or female might prefer wearing unisex jeans over leggings when


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