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Boyce Avenue is a three-piece acoustic guitar band from Southern California. They are best known for their acoustic covers of pop, rock and hip hop songs. The trio consists of brothers Alejandro (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Daniel (bass, backing vocals) and Fabian Manzano (drums). In this article we will discuss the song “When I Was Your Man” by Boyce Avenue as well as their thoughts on what it means to be in love. In the song, I was your man by Boyce Avenue we see a male protagonist who is apologizing to his girlfriend for not being able to be there in person with her. He says he’s sorry that she had to go through it all on her own and apologizes for always running away from their problems instead of talking about them like they should have been doing. He talks about how much he loves her and wants things back again as they were before when “I was your man”. The idea behind this song is pretty clear: men shouldn’t run away from relationships just because times get tough or if you feel like you’re not good enough anymore. If anything, these songs helps show women everywhere that no matter what happens next


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