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Have you ever cried? Do you know what it feels like to cry? Crying is a natural bodily function that all humans have. It releases endorphins and can help with stress relief, among other things. Crying has been known to be therapeutic for both men and women alike. But why do we see so many boys crying in movies or when they are sad? When was the last time you saw a girl crying on screen (or in real life)? Boys don’t get the chance to express their feelings as often as girls do because of how society views them. Boys are forced to bottle up their emotions because society says that men should be tough and not show any emotion. A lot of boys don’t even know how to process what they’re feeling, so instead they try and suppress it. Boys need more opportunities to express themselves without fear of being judged for crying or showing a weak side. Every day in America, four children die from suicide– one-third of them tend to be male teens! We have an epidemic on our hands if we keep this going; these kids need help before it’s too late.” The media contribute greatly by portraying girls as damsels in distress who can easily break down while guys are portrayed as strong heroes with no feelings whatsoever. If you’ve ever


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