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This is the story of how a group of boys who were friends since childhood became soldiers. The Boys Will Be Boys Book talks about the lives and times of these men, their families, and their friendships. It also tells you about what it was like to actually be in a war zone with bombs going off all around them, bullets whizzing by overhead, and death only moments away. There are some horrifying stories in this book but there are plenty that will make you laugh as well. If you want to know what being a soldier is really like for Americans in Afghanistan today – then this book is for you! If your teenage son has been telling tall tales lately or if he’s getting into trouble at school; don’t send him to military school, send him this book! The Boys Will Be Boys Book is a thought-provoking and heartwarming story of the real lives of soldiers. It will leave you with some new perspectives on what it takes to be a soldier in today’s world. If you want an interesting read that doesn’t take place in classes, libraries or bathrooms then try reading The Boys Will Be Boys Book. But beware: You may never see boys as just “boys” again after reading about their adventures..and we should hope not because these are our future leaders!


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